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Full text of "Deed, Seth Morton to Samuel Partridge, 1774"

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To all People ', to whom thefe Prefents fhall 
come: Greeting. Btt0tt)|3e, That qA/^^/^^K 




For and in Confederation of the Sum of rM-efifi* f% ts+zX^t' &~i<s*~i^? 

Currant Money otthe Province aforefaid, to m^Jla'. Hand paid before the Enfealing hereof by 

fthe Receipt whereof \S do hereby acknowledge 
illy fatisfied, contented, and paid, HAVE given, granted, bargained, fold, aliened, 
/eyed, and confirmed, and by thefe Prefents, do freely, clearly, andabfolutely give, 
gra.nt, bargain, fell, ajiene, releafe, convey and confirm unto wW the faid xJAyr-t-K.-u^^LS 
3ro^9«£*6pC?™rf - - - Heirs and Affigns forever. 

JZLafl t^e6/C ^4%tLf/ tk^fe^usM™rf/1 / *y x/^Jt^ 

S\tV<ij '_ &y~M*. [M^/v^'^/^ Aft J /»n«, i//<W^» / ^-»'^ 

^f aW J-rx*UL *T tip » C — - 

■* r 

%® $)&t>£ <ltlt> £0 ^Olfy $ c before-granted Premifes, with &e Appurtenances and 
Priviledges thereto belonging, to til-r*^ the faid &£k4rr\ l^tC^^Y^4^jpCy 

J* 4 */' , , . Heirs,*nd Affigns 

'V^s? an W eir 3!!" n P ro i> er ure > Benefit and Behoof for evermore. And *¥ the faid 
r/&nt> Sf/&/2^f+i'#r*yJ*cf +riy - - Heits, Executors and 

Adpiini^raUrs, do Covenant, Prorfiife anfl Granrunto and with the faid vy^n-x^-C^ 
ymW*Jj^A*4 -i " Heirs and Affigns, forever. 

That beforehand until the Enfealing hereof, %/ £k.*-rv the true, fole, proper and lawful Owner x 
and Poffeffor of the before granted Premifes, with the Appurtenances. And have in myit/f 
good Right, full Power and lawful Authority to give, grant, bargain, fell, aliene, releafe, convey/ 
and confirm, the fame as aforefaid •, and that free and elear, and freely and clearly, executed 
acquitted and difcharged of and from all former and other Gifts, Grants^ Bargains, Sales, Leafes* 
Mortgages, Wills, Intails, Joy mures, Dowries.Thirds, Executions and Incumbrances wh'atfoever' 

2itiD 5f urtDennore, J* the faid Jtrfc Jt<Hfarfa*™ ; /rfkJ 

for ^rvy Heirs, Executors and Adminiftrators, do hereby .Covenant, Promife ariclEn£a"-e 
tha befofe-grapted Ptemifes with the Appurtenances unto farr>~; the {a\di ^Ja trcu^C^ 
J^fkypfp^ta/^ /Hi* - T. Heirs and Affigns forever to Warrant, Secure and Defend 
. againft the lawful Claims or Demands of any Perfon or Perfons whatfoever. y 



^ i $L*y^' r ^